I guess the test is would I put more properties with Woods Properties and Lettings? Well it is a simple based on what they have done so far yes - absolutely!  

Nigel Grover

  For our mixed portfolio it is vital that the tenants are secure and compliant. We want to ensure regular payments and minimal costs. Woods Properties and Lettings have provided us with this service for over 10 years. They also keep us informed of grants for improving the fabic of our properties, which assists with reducing tenant churn. We have benefited from several zero cost enhancements - thank you!  

David and Gail Dibbens

  I prefer to use smaller, local, family firm type letting agents, as I have found them to be very switched on to getting the right tenant for the property. They know that if they select the wrong one who becomes a pain and doesn’t pay or trashes the property, they are not going to make any money out of it. They are personally vested in finding the right tenant because they are dealing with both tenant and landlord, so will get pressure from both. Putting too much time into one property zaps their profit on it, so they are greatly incentivised to find the right tenant. Excerpt taken from an article in ‘Your Property Network’ June 2015 written by Andrew Featherstone.  

Andrew Featherstone