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Tenant Interest & Check Questionnaire

Tenant Interest & Check Questionnaire


All Tenant Interest & Check Questionnaires, where accompanied by payment of the Tenant Check and Administration fee (£150 for 1st tenant, £75 for each additional tenant and guarantor where applicable), will be submitted to the NLA Tenant Check service.

Please ensure you have provided all the information requested along with the Declaration accompanying this form signed in both sections. Supporting documents may be requested.

The referencing process will not be commenced if mandatory information is missing.

Please send all completed authorisation forms to

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* Required information.
Address of Property Applied For *
No of Adult Tenants on the Tenancy *
No of Guarantors on the Tenancy *
Applicant is *
Your Name: Title, First Name & Surname *
Date of Birth *
Home Telephone Number
Mobile Telephone Number
Email Address *
Work Telephone Number
National Insurance Number *
Marital Status *
Current Address *
Time at Current Address- years and months *
Previous Address *
Time at Previous Address- years and months *
Employment Status *
Occupation *
Employer/Accountants Name *
Employer/Accountants Address *
Employer/Accountants Postcode *
Time with employer/unemployed/housewife etc. *
Employer/Accountant Contact Name *
Employer/Accountant Contact Number *
Employer/Accountant Contact Fax Number *
Employer/Accountant Contact Email *
Payroll Number
Basic Income *
Basic Income per *
4 weekly
Other Income
Other Income per
4 weekly
Other Income Source
Current Residential Status *
Property Owner
Living With Family
Living With Friends
If Other Please specify
If Tenant please provide Current Landlord/Letting Agent Name
Current Landlord/Letting Agent Address incl. Postcode
Current Landlord/Letting Agent Tel Number
Current Landlord/Letting Agent Fax Number
Current Rent per calendar month
If Property Owner with mortgage please provide name of lender
If living with family or friends please provide their names
Name of Bank *
Branch Address incl. Postcode *
Bank Account Holder Name *
Account Number *
Sort Code *
Do you have any hire purchase or loan agreements? *
If Yes Please Provide details of Lender, Amount, Monthly repayment and expiry date
Do you have any credit or store cards? *
If Yes Please Provide details of card company, credit limit and balance owing
Have you, your spouse or any other party to this application ever been insolvent, bankrupt, made arrangements with creditors or been involved in any criminal or civil court proceedings? *